You've heard of the giving keys that are so popular to help you BELIEVE in yourself. Well, we have keys to help you BE SUCCESSFUL! 

This is the first Lunch & Learn for 2019 - you don't want to miss this one, it is discovering your Brand -- what makes you stand out. How personal branding can set the stage for your Self-Confidence to WORK for you.

We are so excited to bring these series to you to help you with your personal and professional growth & development.

The Boldness of Your Branding - Who Do you Say you Are?

February 16, 2019

If people were going to talk about you behind your back, what would you want them to say? 

The Boldness of Your Branding Lunch & Learn -- February 16, 2019, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

In this session, we will:

·        UNDERSTAND what s Brand is and the Value it Brings You
·        DEFINE Your Brand (What are you shooting for?)
·        PLAY to Your Strengths (What do people say about you?)
·        ARTICULATE Your Uniqueness (you are creating the puzzle)
·        DISCOVER what is ONE thing you do well
·        RECOGNIZE that Being You will attract wagging tongues

"You must know yourself to Grow Yourself." (James Russell Lowell)

We start promptly at 11am and are out the door by 2pm;

Lunch will be served

Hope to see you there!!!

(THIS LUNCH AND LEARN IS AVAILABLE ON-LINE. WE WILL SEND A LINK AND THE MATERIALS SO YOU CAN WALK THROUGH THE EXERCISES WITH US. To register, please use the "contact page" above (on this website) and advise. 

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