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Who's Influencing Who?

June 22, 2019

Influence creates an internal shift in a person’s mindset. Internal commitment is gained independent of external consequences. The world’s most influential people don’t merely change other’s behavior; they shift their mindsets.

Please note the new location: 

2120 N Brevard St

Charlotte, NC 28206


This workshop will focus on:

 1)   Understanding the four critical components of influence

Harnessing the science of persuasion
Discuss the three things every leader should be doing every day
Learning the role of charisma in communicating
Winning people over by speaking to their needs
Learning the art of storytelling
Building personal connections
Distinguishing when to sell with facts and figures AND when to appeal through emotions

YOU can be an influencer. In fact, you already are. AND you can grow your ability to become even more influential once you identify and understand your potential to be influential. 

By Mastering Influence, you will have the ability to: 

Achieve business success.
Expand your leadership impact.
Build others as you help them make a significant mark on the world.

We start promptly at 11am and are out the door by 2pm;

Lunch will be served

Hope to see you there!!!

(THIS LUNCH AND LEARN IS AVAILABLE ON-LINE. WE WILL SEND A LINK AND THE MATERIALS SO YOU CAN WALK THROUGH THE EXERCISES WITH US. To register, please use the "contact page" above (on this website) and advise.